Bryan "The Imp" Imhoff

Comic art & illustration

everything You Ever Wanted to Know about "the Imp"*

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About Imp.

Bryan Imhoff is a comic creator and illustrator, affectionately referred to by his friends as “The Imp.” (… at least he hopes it’s affectionate!)

Past works include the dramatic horror comic Seer, and the humorous webcomic Appetite for Distraction.  The Imp’s current passion is his creator owned comic, “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…”; a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure.

The Imp is also an early user and advocate of Hive, a blockchain based social media ecosystem; and enjoys exploring the possibilities of new technologies for independent creators.

imp sleep. imp eat. imp play.


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Imp's Sampler Platter

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Imp's got the skills to pay the bills*

Imp's Skills.



Imp is a storyteller first and foremost. He enjoys developing more characters and concepts than he could ever hope to draw on his own.


sequential art

Those decades of reading and studying comics have come in handy. Imp works hard to effectively convey narratives through the unique principles of visual storytelling.



A love of line and attention to detail are cornerstones of Imp’s style, whether on a comics page, concept design, or standalone illustration. 

*at least one of them... maybe the power bill... if he didn't run the air conditioner too much... come to think of it, what's that temp set at right now?

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