SPOTTY PRODUCTION .COM ... RELAUNCHED!!! October 1st, 2012 You may notice that things look a bit different around If you are one of the few that are aware of these changes, you must be a fan... and for that we heartily thank you! If you’re just discovering our little community of stories and fun then welcome! A volunteer will be around shortly to give you a tour and direct you to your assigned locker and homeroom. So what do we have here? A redesigned logo. A website rebuilt from the ground up. New content? Yep. Content is king (or so we’ve heard). The only reason we got the place prettied up is to show off some new stuff! Spotty Production currently consists of three main areas. These include the humorous comic strip Appetite for Distraction, the dramatic horror tale of the Seer, and the personal blog and portfolio site of creator Bryan “the Imp” Imhoff. During the month of October you’ll see new content and activity in all of these areas. Friday, October 12th will mark the start of regular weekly blog posts by “the Imp.” You’ll be treated to behind the scenes looks, works in progress, tips and tricks for artists, book and product reviews, and anything else that comes to mind! The following Monday, October 15th will see the return of Appetite for Distraction as a regular weekly feature. Maybe we’ll finally learn just what’s up with that koala? October also wouldn’t be complete without Halloween. What a great opportunity to release the first new Seer material in more than 7 years, and for the first time in full color no less! So prepare yourself, ‘cause we’re going to hit you with a nice big splatter of productivity... (If it has unusual coloration we’ll get ourselves checked out by a doctor, we promise.) That’s just how we roll here at Spotty Production.

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