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#5 - "Imp Has a Hunch" - March 16th, 2009




The Imp takes a few moments to respond to the flood of fanmail he's received! Any questions you'd like answered in a future strip? Leave them in the comments!







Fun facts!


  • According to recent statistics, approximately 57% of all email sent is spam!


  • About 35 million American men have male pattern baldness.


  • The classic "Nigerian prince" email is sometimes called a "419 scam." 419 refers to the article of the Nigerian Criminal Code (part of Chapter 38: "Obtaining property by false pretenses; Cheating") dealing with fraud.


Appetite for Distraction Presents... Second Helpings!

Bonus commentary and educational materials for your enjoyment!





     Imp: Well folks, I've officially finished the first month and story arc of Appetite for Distraction. I'd like to take this moment to relax a little and to thank you, the loyal fans, by spending some time to answer questions from the reader mailbag, or as is the case in this day and age... inbox. What've we got Teed?


     Teed: Psst... Imp, I don't know that these are all from fans.

     Imp: Sure they are. The people love me. Hit it.


     Teed: Sigh... Would you like to purchase quality Rolex watches at deep, deep discounts?

     Imp: Not really.

     Teed: Would you like to purchase prescription drugs online?

     Imp: Doubtful.

     Teed: Interested in meeting sexy singles in your area?

     Imp: Absolutely.

     Teed: Are you interested in the prospect of regrowing your hair?

     Imp: Only slightly less than my interest in the sexy singles.

     Teed: Would you be willing to give your bank account number to the deposed Prince of Nigeria so that he may transfer a portion of his vast wealth into the country, while compensating you for your troubles with a million American dollars?

     Imp: Sure I would, he's royalty! Sounds like this is legit.


     Teed: Finally, Jeff Dyrkacz actually writes, "I gotta ask... why'd you draw yourself without a neck?"

     Imp: Well Jeff, I tend to hunch, which can lead to rounded shoulders and less visibility of the "neckal region." If I stand up straight my appearance alters somewhat.


     Imp: Urk... Ugg...Nffff...


     Teed: Behold, the power of posture.

     Imp: Woo... dizzy.


     Imp: Thanks again folks. See you next week! You won't want to miss it!

     Caption: Coming soon!... Fear the Waddle

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