SPOTTY PRODUCTION VALUES Quality Spotty Production is committed to quality. Heard that before? Well so have we. The difference is we are committed to OUR quality. We provide OUR best, not THE best. It’s an important distinction. Spotty Production is exactly what it says. Our output is uneven and sporadic. Spotty Production is tongue in cheek and self deprecating… but despite our humor and slacker ways we do care. We care enough to put our creations and ourselves in front of the world and say, “Meh. It’s what I got.” Perfection is paralyzing. Ego is destructive. Doing the best you can at any given moment and always moving forward, that’s quality. Integrity Spotty Production is honest. We call ourselves Spotty Production. That’s honest. We also endeavor to treat our collaborators, clients, customers, community, fans, and friends fairly and with respect. No joke. Fun Two muffins were baking in an oven. One muffin turned to the other and said, “Holy Shit it’s hot in here!” The other muffin replied, “Holy Shit… A talking muffin!” HISTORY The origins of Spotty Production stretch back to the turn of the century! Around the year 2000... creator Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff was already at work on some of the stories that are the backbone of Spotty Production today. At that time the studio went by a different name, comics such as Seer: Round One were released and promoted under the Busta Kappa Kappa Studios brand. In 2011 Spotty Production was born. It was a fresh beginning and a rebranding of the studio. It's a brand that encompasses both the ink splatters of commitment and hard work, as well as self deprecating humor when that commitment and work ethic falters. Heck, it's just nice to end a story with, "This has been a Spotty Production."
Producers Coming soon... information about all your favorite Spotty Producers as well as links to their personal sites, portfolios, blogs, and more!

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